What are Network Marketing and MLM?

There are lots of different businesses in this world. Some of them are your standard 9-5 in a cubicle while others are more dynamic and flexible. While you standard corporate office job might be ok for some, there are many who need a more flexible job opportunity that allows them to customize how they work to fit busy schedules or other needs they may have. Network marketing and multi level marketing jobs fall into this flexible second category and are perfect for a wide variety of people who are looking something that is more flexible and part-time than your average white-collar cubicle job. Who are these people? They could be anyone from retirees looking to supplement their income to students to even people who just need a second job to make ends meet. MLM and network marketing jobs are for everyone and anyone who need them.

So what exactly are multi level and network marketing? While they’re not necessarily the same thing, many network marketing businesses are also multi level marketing businesses. A network marketing business is one that requires a distributor network to build the business. Without anyone to distribute the product, there would be no business. Network marketing businesses usually fall into the MLM category because payouts happen at more than just one level. Many well-known and highly regarded companies in America and around the world actually fall under the network marketing umbrella. Companies such as Tupperware, Avon, May Kay Cosmetics, and others rely heavily on individual distributors (as well as actual storefront locations) to sell their products and gain new customers. Network marketing can also be used to sell anything from cleaning products to knives and everything in-between!

While network marketing and multi level marketing companies may get a bad reputation, there is absolutely nothing illegal about them and how they function. These companies provide opportunities for people who don’t have the time or energy for a traditional job. It allows people who need a second source of income to create one based on their own abilities and time constraints. Not only that, but network marketing and MLM companies are increasing in in importance to the US economy and shouldn’t be discounted simply based on stereotypes.

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