The Best Thing For Email Marketing? Perfect Timing

Email marketing is a tricky game to play, especially if it’s the main source of income for your business. While spam emails might not be as truly loathed and ignored as telemarketers and door-to-door traveling salesmen, there is no denying that many people aren’t huge fans of getting layers upon layers of spam emails trying to sell them things. However, it would also be completely irresponsible and incorrect to say that email marketing has no place in today’s business world. Direct selling and multi level marketing are booming professions and will continue to be so as we move towards the future. The real difficulty comes from knowing how to use direct marketing tactics most effectively to maximize profits and positive customer interaction.robert proctor multisoft, robert proctor, multisoft, florida, direct selling, multi level marketing

As I wrote in a recent blog post, people aren’t necessarily opposed to direct marketing emails depending on how many are sent and what they contain. Now, we also know that timing is everything when it comes to using emails to sell products or services. The ability to interact with a potential client at the right can spell the difference between a sale and a lost customer. It seems as though the marketing team for the Sacramento Kings have learned and taken this lesson to heart, using it to more than double the team’s season-ticket base.

The marketing team for the Kings relies on ToutApp, a email-focused company and app that provide analytics, templates, and tracking for sales teams. ToutApp allows marketers to see which email templates get the most hits and adds other layers of information once the email is sent, adding another layer of transparency to the process and helping sales consistency. With numbers like these under the belt of the marketing team, it really does seem as though the timing of interaction between a salesperson and a potential client is vital to the sale, especially if the marketing is occurring through emails over cyberspace. So for people who are using emails to market, figure out the timing!

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