How To Take A Heart-Centered Approach To Multi-Level Marketing

How To Take A Heart-Centered Approach To Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing can make a big difference in the world. It is common for potential consumers to receive those emails from multi-level marketers about the “next best thing” and immediately delete them. Even multi-level marketers themselves become stigmatized. People cannot separate the marketer from their business, and some people don’t want to be involved with any product the person is selling.

This is all drastically unfair. What turns some people away from multi-level marketing is the way that the products are being marketed, rather than the practice of multi-level marketing itself. If a person truly cares about the product, its impact, and their clients, then multi-level marketing can make a positive impact.

A successful multi-level marketer is someone who genuinely loves the product they are selling, and is passionate about sharing it with others. The key is to make sure your business is heart-centered. The leader of the multi-level marketing company, as well everyone involved should truly have their heart in the efforts they make to market the product. So, how exactly does one conduct a multi-level marketing business in a heart-centered way? Here are some tips from Kerissa Kuis, a former skeptic who is now a passionate multi-level marker.

  1. Educate your clients before selling your product. Do not approach clients as if the opportunity could pass them by at any point.
  2. Start out by researching the company. Figure out what field the founders have experience in, whether its business, science, medicine, or any other field. Look up what the Better Business Bureau has to say about this company. Figure out how long the company has been around. If it’s a nutritional product, find out what the nutritional guide says about it.
  3. Do not push the product or service on everyone you meet. Only share it with people whom you strongly believe it will help.
  4. Only stand by products that you believe are going to save the world. Don’t just stand by any old product because you want the money. The money should be an added bonus to making an impact on the world.
  5. Make sure your up-line is genuine and honest. You should want your clients to be as successful as you, and therefore you should work hard for them. You should form a bond of trust, whereby you trust your team to make the best decisions for you rather than just for themselves.
  6. Do not believe that you are better than those who choose not to do your business. Understand that this business is not for everyone.
  7. Be enthusiastic about reaching goals, not because of the money but because it will benefit the entire team.
  8. Make sure your team leader does not treat you less than anyone else on the team. If this is not the case, you should switch companies or products, as this is a key part of a successful multi-level marketing model.
  9. Create events that educate clients about the product, but also give them other options if the products are not ideal for them.

Multi-level marketing doesn’t deserve a negative reputation. If you approach it the right way, multi-level marketing can be a full-time business that is not only lucrative but also impactful.