How to Have a Lead-Generating, Highly Ranked MLM Website: Part One (Creation)

Did you know that having a website can affect your bottom line? In the digital age, websites are a sure sign that a business is relevant in today’s market. Companies that do not have websites suffer greatly at showing their target audiences that they know their real time wants and needs. Without a website, you are ensuring that your company will fail in today’s world. The whole purpose of a MLM website is to generate leads, establish yourself as a thought leader and problem solver, connect with your target audiences, and fix the mistakes you have made in real time. In order to do these things, you need many solutions, but one of the end all be all solutions you need is a lead-generating, highly ranked website. Here’s how to create, optimize, and maintain that type of powerful website.


It is easy to purchase a domain name (Example: from anywhere between $20-$30 annually. This is a no-brainer step you should take to make yourself and your business seem legitimate to viewers. I highly recommend using WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) for the website. A CMS, in basic, is a digital platform that allows you to manage digital content. It is similar to the bones in your body, providing supportive and fundamental structure and design to your site.

The next step, I recommend, is to purchase Divi. Divi is a website building theme one can purchase and activate on your CMS that allows you to intricately customize your website with ease and clarity. It is extraordinarily user friendly and can be altered with complex coding on the back-end of your site or created simply on the front-end of your website. Make sure to include the following types of information on the website.

Above the Fold on the Homepage: Include captivating visuals and a way for viewers to sign up for your email newsletter (which should offer exclusive content to viewers, such as promotionals and an insider’s view on your life). Make it known that you will offer them a report or special information, such as discounts and promotional offers, if they sign up. This gives them incentive to give you their cherished information.

About Section/Page: If network marketing and MLM have anything in common, it is that they are built based on storytelling and deep human connection. Many MLM companies have beautiful stories of how they came into existence, such like BeachBody or MaryKay. The founders are extremely notable and highly qualified people with a passion for helping people, particularly with a service or product of some kind. Not only should a snippet of your founder’s story be on your page, but a robust portion about your story with the company on your page. This gives a genuine feel to your website. It brings users from feeling like they are interacting with technology to feel like they are listening to a close friend. Be real, be raw, but also be professional.

Blog Page: This page is vitally important. This page will get viewers connected to the heart of you and your business, a company that solves a problem the viewer, or someone the viewer knows, has. Here, you should share trending and evergreen content. Trending content is content that has to do with something that is “News.” Evergreen content is content that is forever-green, like an evergreen tree. This analogy is to show that evergreen content is content that will always be true and relevant no matter if it is trending or not. This type of content should be about your niche. For example, I write about MLM, the Knights of Columbus, and Boy Scouts of America, because they are all topics I am passionate about that either relate to my professional or personal endeavors.

Contact Page: Link out to a handful of the social media profiles you use that are associated with your business. Embed a Google map on the page to give people a sense of where you are located.

Don’t miss Part Two of “How to Have a Lead-Generating, Highly Ranked MLM Website” in a couple of weeks! I’ll discuss how to optimize your website once you have created it. Tweet me for MLM and community service news, trends, and insights @RobertMultisoft!