Do You Genuinely Care for Your Customers? It Will Improve Your Bottom Line!

Have you ever noticed that multilevel marketers who are successful at what they do have a tendency to truly care for their customers? Do you even notice that this genuine care they have for their clients improves their bottom line? This isn’t just a random coincidence.

Two Statistics

Statistics show that when customers believe they are not cared for by the company they are purchasing products or services from, they spread the bad news to double the amount of people than they would a good experience they have with a company. As a multilevel marketer, you can guarantee that your network marketing practices will deeply suffer when bad customer service experiences spread, because your business heavily relies upon word-of-mouth marketing and the trust of warm contacts.

HelpScout, a customer service company, reinforces the statistics on the negative effects of poor customer service experiences. They tell us that people who think a company has, “excellent customer service,” will be more likely to purchase products or services from that company.

These two statistics show us that it is vital that you have good customer service.

How Do I Offer Good Customer Service?

Customer service comes down to authentic empathy. When you are able to put yourself in the shoes of others, deeply contemplate what that individual may need or want, and allow those thoughts to impact you emotionally, you embody the feeling of empathy. Customer service is based on empathy but, then, takes it one step further. Good customer service is enacted when someone uses that empathy they feel for their potential customer to help them obtain a product or service in response to a need or want the customer has.

When you keep in mind what problem the customer is trying to solve, regardless of how multifaceted that problem is, you will show the customer that you truly care, are able to solve their problem, and that you would like to have the opportunity to solve the problem for them.

Good customer service practices start as far back as research and development in the company. As a multilevel marketer, reach out to your distributor or company and inform them of problems you see your clients having. Help them to discover ways to better take care of your clients. Market yourself in a way that shows you anticipate all the needs your clients may have. Use this in your messaging to show you are thoughtful, thorough, and skilled in your industry.