Robert Proctor | Multisoft President

Who is Robert Proctor?

Robert Proctor | President of Multisoft Corporation

Robert Proctor | President of Multisoft Corporation

     Robert Proctor, Multisoft Corporation‘s President, has been a leader in the network marketing industry since the early 90’s. Currently serving as President of Multisoft Corporation, Proctor is committed to excellence and helping others succeed.  His success is derived from his unwavering belief in the importance of helping others. Robert prioritizes his clients’ and partners’ success over his own — thus making him a powerful ally to those looking to launch their dream business.
    Multisoft Corporation is an international operation with locations in Florida, Las Vegas, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and several other cities. Multisoft Corporation provides industry standard setting network marketing solutions. In operation since 1987, Multisoft Corporation is committed to delivering on-time, every time all the time; timelines, knowing how broken promises and missed deadlines are a surefire way to kill a company. Under Proctor‘s leadership, Multisoft, whose mantra is “did we do what we said we would do” has earned their reputation as the premier network marketing / MLM Software solutions company. Their network of industry expert’s work in harmony to empower clients with the tools needed to maximize their network.


     Robert Proctor’s leadership has been crucial to Multisoft Corporation’s continued success. Proctor has been working on the technological side of the internet for over 15 years and quickly learned the importance of network marketing. The benefit of multilevel marketing / network marketing, as Proctor sees it, is that it levels the playing field.  You don’t need to have a degree from a prestigious university in order to succeed in business. But what you do need is the ability to maximize the tools at your disposal. This is exactly what multilevel marketing and network marketing achieve. By focusing on relationships, MLM companies are able to break through the monotony of regular business practices and connect with their customers.

 A diverse background

     Proctor has experience in many different fields. He has a background in broadcasting, radio, business law, sales and marketing, logistics evaluation and solution, management and finance. Coupled with over 20 years of experience in software development / coding, Robert’s truly diverse set of skills allows him to empower others. Few others are better equipped to lead. Proctor also has had an impressive career as a public speaker. Robert often travels all over the country to speak about network marketing, software, systems and solutions and the keys to success in the network marketing industry.


     If success in business wasn’t enough, Proctor also makes time for giving back to the community of Cape Coral, Florida, where he lives with his family.  Robert is a registered adult leader member of the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts of America have a long and storied history of service and education.  A Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow (the BSA’s alumni of scouting), Robert serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster of a local Boy Scout Troop as well as the Adult Advisor for a BSA Venturing crew he founded in 2015 and a Webelos I Den leader for the Local Cub Scouts, where he can put his leadership skills to work helping scouts make learn to make moral and ethical decisions.  Robert is also the the Camp Commissioner for two local boy scout camps, serving nearly 2000 scouts, as well as the Program Chair for the local BSA District.  At any given time, Robert is involved with several projects at once including fundraising projects, short and long term camping events and Eagle Scout projects.
     Proctor is also committed to helping his community as a whole. He is a very active member of his local chapter of the Knights of Columbus. The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal service organization founded in 1882 by Micheal J McGivney in New Haven, Connecticut. Named for Christopher Columbus, the organizations pillars are charity, unity and fraternity.  All three ring true for Proctor. The Proctor Family has been responsible for the local church Easter egg hunt for the past ten years and coordinates hundreds of hours from volunteers and several other charitable groups.  Proctor’s K of C chapter works closely with many local charities.

     Robert Proctor is a well-rounded and genuine businessman. His long list of professional accomplishments is proof enough of his achievements. But what matters more to Robert, is his ability to help others succeed. For those looking to enact a multilevel marketing strategy for their business, Multisoft Corporation should be the first and last call you make. With Proctor at the helm, Multisoft will continue to be the best in the business.